1 - REGISTRATION : complete the form with all data (please insert an e-mail address active and valid) and confirm rules acceptation. You will receive, to the address e-mail that you have indicated, the personal code and the password to access at your personal area where you can send the file PDF of your project.

2 - SEND PDF FILE : enter in your personal area with the link that you have received at your e-mail address, Inserts your personal code and password, confirm and send the PDF file following the instructions.

You can enter in your personal area in every moment for replace your file pdf or submit others files (max 3) until the closing registrations: the January 31, 2018. It is possible to replace a PDF file only once.

3 - PAYMENT AND CONFIRMATION : wait acceptation confirmation of your PDF file and go to the enrollment fee payment following the instructions. When the payment is accepted you receive at your e-mail the enrollment confirmation.

The enrollment fee payment (Euro 50 for each project) it's possible only on-line with credit card, pre-paid card and PayPal. The registration is confirmed exclusively and only subsequently to the payment accepted. The interruption of the registration procedure and payment, cancels automatically the PDF file uploaded. In this case re-enter in your personal area and repeat the uploading of the file PDF and the payment.

For upload other projects book (max.3 for each Author), enter in your personal area and repeat the uploading and payment for every single project book.


For each book project sent to the competition (max. 3 per author) a complete layout should be created, as specified in Procedure for taking part and in points E and F of the Terms and Conditions.

The project book must be a single digital file with a maximum size of 10Mb, exclusively in high quality PDF format. The PDF file should have only the author’s pen name followed by the title of the book, for example:


Be careful: when naming the PDF file, do not leave spaces between the words and only use hyphens or underscores to separate the author’s name from the title. Do not use numbers, symbols and special characters and do not cancel the .pdf tag.

• Verify, before upload the PDF file, that the file is conforming to how much above specified.

• The procedure don’t accept the PDF file over 10Mb.

• The procedure don’t accept the ZIP files and other compressed files format.

  1. The deadline for upload your PDF file is January 31, 2018.

Registration exclusively on-line.

Do not send paper layouts or original artworks because will not be returned.

See the FAQ page for more info about the PDF file and other.


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