Anna-Marie Kohutovà (Czech Republic)

How the idea for your silent story was born?

I got the idea for my silent book during a walk. I  usually meet a lot of people with their dogs, so I thought it might actually be a good idea to build a fun story on the relationship between a dog and its owner.  

What's the story about?

The story is about a boy and his dog. One day they go for a walk in the park. As usual, the boy throws the dog a fetch, until the ball flies too far and it rolls into the road. At that moment, the dog’s hunt for the ball begins. But it will not be easy. The dog will have to face a lot of obstacles. Will he last and eventually be able to bring the ball back to its owner? 

Why have you decided to enter the contest?

I knew about the Silent Book Contest for quite some time, and I really liked the purpose of it. Since I love children’s book illustration and making up stories, it seemed like a great challenge for me to take.


Anna-Marie is an art student from the Czech Republic. She has always loved art, so she knew from an early age that she wanted to pursue it professionally. She studied product design at high school. After that she decided to switch focus to her greatest passion that is illustration. She’s currently studing non-fiction illustration at the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art in Pilsen, with a focus on children’s book illustration and pattern design.