How the idea for the story was born?

All creatures on the earth are beautiful, but many of them are endangered by human greed, since humans harm animals for their own needs. So, I wanted to do something for the endangered animals.

What's the story about?

I draw a series of illustrations with animal anthropomorphic, representing the abused animals and their tragic fate. I hope people who watch these have empathy for the animals, so that they can face the animal cruelty. I believe in saving and safeguarding animals, securing a better planet for the future generation.

Would you like to dedicate it to someone?

To the animals that are killed by humans and to the people who care about nature!


Milk Dong is an artist from Hong Kong, with 20 years of experience in drawing and design. He has been employed in different careers for livelihood due to the difficulties of living in Hong Kong: he worked as designer, visual merchandiser, art teacher, sales, customer service, warehouseman, waiter, fishmonger, coolie and many more. However, even after all of it, he never gave up on art.

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