How the idea for the story was born?

Once I was working on illustrations of some animals for another project and I made one of a tiger full of coloful dots (to make him look cute and kids friendly). Since it’s not something you can see in the nature, I started to think about back up story for him and this is how idea for the book was born.

What's the story about?

It’s the story about the tiger that is completely grey. We meet him the moment that he starts to explore the world, with different landscapes, animals, environments and feelings. He gets new color of dots with every new experience and ends up as colorful as world around him.

Would you like to dedicate it to someone?

For everyone who feels grey sometimes. Remember… Everything, even tiny thing, makes us colorful and unique.


Proud 90s kid. Full-time girl and illustrator. She studied graphic design at Art Academy in Warsaw and Bologna and now she lives in London by choice. Addicted to crayons, coffee and children books (and following dogs on social media).

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