Yao Jian (China)

How the idea for your silent story was born?

A friend of mine has a job that requires him to make many calls and solve problems. The pressure of his work frustrates him but he deals with it with patience. The moment of biggest relief form him is when he goes back home and spends time with his wife. Hearing his stories, I came up with Mr. Tears-Go-Away.

What's the story about?

Everyday Mr. Tears-Go-Away answers call from people. Through the telephone lines, he can arrive everywhere and give comfort to the people who call him. Sometimes sadness could be quiet, sometimes could be loud. By hugging Mr. Tears-Go-Away absorbs all the tears from the sad ones and brigs them back calmness. By the end of the day his body is heavy and he’s tired, until he gets the last call from home. Those tears and sadness his body gradually vanish on the way home. 

Why have you decided to enter the contest?

I’ve been interested in creating wordless stories. The Silent Book Contest is an international platform that allows me to share my story with the world. Having amazing artists and professionals looking at my story is also exciting. I’m so curious to know what the audience sees in my story and how they feel about the narratives without any words. 

Your story is dedicate to...

To all the people who need hugs.


Yao Jian is an illustrator born in Guangzhou, China. She gained her MFA degree at MCAD, Minneapolis, the US in 2021. Currently, she resides in Minneapolis and lives a satisfying, creative life. Her work shows vitality and variety, including picture books, editorial illustration, advertising, and more. She cares about emotions and wishes to bring happiness, comfort, and healing to her audience. Yao speaks to the kid living in her. Sometimes she thinks that she is still not growing up.

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