Per tutta_Cover


Anna Spreafico (Italy)

How the idea for your silent story was born?

The idea for this story started to make its way into my mind when my grandparents passed away and together with my mum I had to empty their house. Looking at the family photos taken -as alway- by my grandfather in the living room, I’ve noticed that the room was almost the same through time. People were changing and growing, but the house, especially the table, were always the same. I could guess the year of the photo by the different objects in the photos. It seemed to me like a game of the magazine where you have the find the differences between the two images. Even after their death, the house was the same, everything was in its place, like it has always been. Empty their house was like cancelling an entire life and a story, so I’ve decided to keep it in my own book.

What's the story about?

The story takes place inside of an house, in a room, on a table. It’s about the life of a just married couple, from the start to the end. Also the cover is an house so that the narration is metaphorically inside of it. The house is built step by step, page by page, year after year. Also the relationships between the people are changing, evolving and growing stronger. This story, made of black and white snapshots is about life and love told through gestures and object; it’s whispered and not shouted, made for who is willing to observe it in silence.

Why have you decided to enter the contest?

I’ve decided to take part to the contest because I love silent books and I’ve been following the contest since lot of time. Ideate a silent book is really complex, but this year I wanted to tell a story that defeated all my other fears.

Your story is dedicate to...

Dedicated to my grandparents, Domenico and Laura.


Anna was born in 1997 in a small town on the hills of Lecco. She study at the faculty of illustration and animation of IED in Milan. In 2018 she took part to a project with Amref Italia to tell a new story about Africa through a short graphic novel based on Sud Suda. In 2019 she collaborated with the Miffy Museum of Utrecht. In 2020 she won the ContagioUS contest of Wacom Italy with a project about Covid-19 and, in the same year, she was also selected at the contest “Notte di fiaba” in partnership with Orecchio Acerbo. In 2021 she was selected among 40 artist at the contest CoseBelle Festival and exhibited at the Premio Sergio Fedriani 2021 Exhibition with her work “Dentro lo Specchio”. She’s collaborating with Maradagal n.6 magazine “Il bovarismo contemporaneo”. Also in 2021 she’s finalist at the international contest “Global Panda Illustration” of the Cinese Shenzen Illustration Association.