Imagination is published by Carthusia. You can buy it here.

It was presented for the first time to the public during the Award Ceremony in Montereggio (Italy) on 26th of August 2018.


Anastasia Suvorova is a young Russian illustrator, born and raised in a small provincial town. Ever since her childhood she has lived surrounded by nature, bright forests, transparent lakes and plethora of wild flowers. Thanks to her parents, she learned to recognise and appreciate beauty, although they never thought she would become an artist.

And actually, when she was a little girl she wanted to be an astronaut to change the world and leave a mark in history. In those years she wasn’t an avid reader at all; rather, she used to love glancing over beautiful book illustrations while coming up with incredible stories.

Now she lives in St. Petersburg, the most beautiful city of Russia. She doesn’t feel like she has grown up and keeps considering herself an eternal child. The only thing that’s changed is that now she loves reading books with words. Her house is so filled with books that it’s hard to find room for anything else: they are everywhere!

Today her greatest adventure is being an illustrator although she has never planned to become it. Through her illustrations she tells stories about beauty, kindness and wonder. She appreciates the fact that not everyone recognises her illustrative technique at first sight because it seems to her a kind of magic. All her illustrations are drawn on a computer, although using the assistance of variously textured paper and paint. She’s still learning the profession: children, adults, books and nature which surround her are very inspiring for her work.

This book is her first work.