Dina Perez (Argentina)

How the idea for your silent story was born?

I live on an island. I have no sea, but I have a river and wonderful starry nights which always transport me on the wings of my imagination to other places, to other worlds, to other lives, and makes me feel that with imagination anything is always possible.

What's the story about?

This is the story of a sailor whose life takes place between the sky and the sea. One night, looking at the sky, he thinks that all the fantastic things that happen in the sea also occur in the sky. The sky and the sea are the same, he feels, and with the transformative power of his imagination he can leave the sea and live a wondrous life in the sky, reaching the moon. He aspires to merge sky and sea in the moon, and become who he wants to be, and live where he wants to live.

Why have you decided to enter the contest?

I’m not a writer but I really like to tell stories, create atmosphere and transmit feelings through images, and this is a great opportunity for that to happen.

Your story is dedicate to...

To the power of imagination that inspires our minds to pick how and where we want to live.


Dina is from Tigre, Argentina. She graduated from the National University of Fine Arts in La Plata with a degree in Visual Communication Design. She had been working as a web developer for a long time but a few years ago she turned herself into a children’s illustrator. 

Living next to the river made her interest in nature and wildlife grow tremendously. She enjoys exploring drawing, colors and visual storytelling to develop fantastic images about the things she loves.