Yedda Chen (Taiwan)

How the idea for your silent story was born?

The idea for the story started to make its way into my mind when I walked through empty London during the lockdown. For a while, I’d been feeling a bit disengaged from life. I started to walk around the city every day to change my mood. By drawing and looking at the people and architecture on the street, I noticed my mood was no longer gloomy. I then realised that no matter how hard life is, as long as you use your imagination, you can still make life full of surprises and find sparks everywhere.        

What's the story about?

One day, a girl, Lusia, went out as usual, but the familiar scene seemed a little different that day. Massive honey badger family crossed the street with her, an enormous crocodile opened its mouth in the tube station that seemed to eat all the passengers on the escalator, and whales broke through the window in the Natural History Museum. She was amazed at everything, gradually explored this beautiful city with the animals and started to enjoy the fantastic journey around the city. It turned out that if she lived from her heart, she could also find sparks in life. After this journey, everything around her was different from before.

Why have you decided to enter the contest?

Illustrating children’s books, especially silent books, is a long-standing dream for me. Without the guidance and limitations of words, readers can interpret the story from their perspective in silent books. Thank you for this opportunity to pursue my goal and see the outstanding works of talented artists.

Your story is dedicate to...

To all the people who are finding the spark in life.


Yedda Chen is a London based freelance illustrator from Taiwan. She took her BA degree in fashion design in 2015 and then graduated from MA Illustration at University of the Arts London in 2021. She started her career as a fashion designer assistant, but in the last four years, she has been focusing on illustration. Her work “What Will Happen In The Future?” was selected in 2020 Bologna Illustration Exhibition. Yedda also provided illustrations in the books for the publisher 828 Digital Intelligent Co. LTD.; designed key vision and illustrations of the online game for PixNet; published a Chinese children’s book “Hey Kid! You Are Awesome!”.

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