Florence Waters (United Kingdom)

How the idea for your silent story was born?

My mum has always been my go-to when I get set a new brief to bounce ideas about with. I remember we were walking our whippet one evening and by the end of the walk we had come up with the idea start to finish so I guess I owe her one now!

What's the story about?

My story follows an elderly lady, loosely inspired my great nanna: Doris Florence Valentine, who I only knew for a short while when I was very young but i do remember her impressive magnet collection on her fridge of all the different places she had been! The story follows Doris travelling through fantasy worlds, it is then revealed that Doris had been travelling to these lands through books when she may not have been able to travel physically. 

Why have you decided to enter the contest?

The aim was to get an audience excited about books, especially picture books the way I get excited about picture books but also I thought it was cool my silent book was all about reading words which is why I applied and now we’re here!


Florence, also known as Flossy, Flo and many other variations along the lines! She’s currently studying BA in Illustration and she’s very looking forward to studying a Visual Communications Masters at the Royal College of Art in September. She has always loved books and has been developing a flourishing passion for telling her own stories through image; her favourite language to do so. She truly hope she will be lucky enough to do this forever (or at least until she make enough money to buy lots of cats!)

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