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Mei-En Yang (Taiwan)

How the idea for your silent story was born?

This is my first time to start out on the production of wordless books. When I drew the first two pages, I gradually discovered that the wordless books have more space to express than books with words and they also allow readers to face the images purely and freely understand the content. They make people comfortable with the space for free imagination. When I was thinking about stories, I found a sculpture that looked like an ark in the Bible at a friend’s house. I took a picture of it because the shape was interesting and I wanted to use it as inspiration. This photo inspired me to draw the ship and the whale at once!

What's the story about?

The story conveys the environmental protection issues of whale through the interaction between humans and whales. It uses childlike simple pictures to tell what crisis the whales are facing and the sources of the crisis is closely related to the behaviors of human beings.  In the story, to make the issue can be noticed and improved, I set up daily garbage around us and directly described the impact of the cruise ship itself on the ocean and whales, so that  readers can get close to the issue and be encouraged to make changes in their daily lives.

Why have you decided to enter the contest?

2022 is the year when I’ve decided to start my own business and start to achieve my dream. My dream is to bring positive changes to the society through the picture books. I want to convey my thoughts through the friendly medium of picture books whether it is environmental issues, social issues or simple stories that can inspire people. This time, without any experience in publishing books, I hope to let my works be seen by the world through the competition.


She loves painting since her childhood. Thanks to the encouragement of her mother, she studied Western painting for seven years but she also studied graphic design in high school and at college. During her studies, she discovered an interest for illustration rather than painting. She likes to read picture books even though she’s a grown up now. When she was about to graduate, God inspired her to talk to the world through picture books.