How the idea for the story was born?

The initial concept was about two animal protagonists with different and specific features who would go on an adventure together using their disparities in common benefit when needed. At night.

What's the story about?

The cover and the main title “The Night Hunt” already give some clues, but mainly it is about friendship, cooperation and a bit of hide-and-seek. We follow two unusual companions on their stealthy quest for food in the human territory with an unexpected third-party. The story can also refer to the wild animals forced to accommodate to the inevitable growth of urban areas into their origin habitat in order to survive.

Would you like to dedicate it to someone?

I would like to thank to all my close ones as enthusiastic beta readers and especially my university teacher and illustrator Renáta Fučíková.


Lucie Šťastná, born and living in the Czech Republic, is currently finishing a MA degree in illustration at the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art. Besides drawing and collage, she is fond of other related activities such as graphic design, embroidery, hand poke tattooing and she’s interested in art history and theory. She co-founded Trashitycz project with hand-bound upcycled notebooks.