Wang Pin Yi (China)

How the idea for your silent story was born?

The idea for the story comes from the winters of my childhood. What I miss the most of the winter is the vast snowfields and the ice games in my hometown in Northeast of China. My son, who lives in Beijing since he was a child, has only seen snowmen in cartoons. During the Spring Festival of 2020, I took him back to my hometown for the New Year. I was moved watching him playing in the snow and I recored this wonderful experience with a paintbrush.

What's the story about?

This is the story of the winters of my childhood in my hometown in Northeast of China. My hometown is located at the feet of a big mountain, covered in snow. Playing there as a child seemed to my like a fairytale and a place where children cordially can communicate with the nature. I hope that children will go out and walk into nature and with their innocence embrace the earth, whisper to the river, race against the white clouds and sing at the blue sky.

Why have you decided to enter the contest?

When I knew about books with no words, the “no-words” idea immediately made me happy, especially for me who used visual language instead of words for a long time. This is what I’m good at and that I love. Without the modification and the explanation of the text, the message is only conveyed by the pictures, that becomes more important. I can immerse myself in creativity and pairing without restraint; I don’t have to worry about whether the text is professional or beautiful. Therefore, how can there be any reason not to participate? This is the reason why I participated in the competition.

Your story is dedicate to...

The dream of childhood is wandering, and now that I’m in a foreign land, I would like to dedicate this book to the white childhood of Northeast China.


Wang Pin Yi is born in Northeast of China. She loves painting and calligraphy since she was a child. She has a master degree in animation and new media. Currently she’s working of children’s publishing houses and living in Beijing. She’s a member of the Liaoning Calligraphers Association and of the Comprehensive Painting Art Committee of the Liaoning Artists Association, specialized in ink-and-wash comics and book illustrations. She also has many years of experience in digital media design, short animated films and digital interactive e-books. Wang Pin Yi won many prizes, international and domestic and took part of many exhibition, such as the “China picture Book Exhibition” in 2013 and the “Sanmao’s Paradise-Soong Ching Ling and Zhang Leping Comics Commemorative Exhibition”.