Violeta Gomez (Spain)

How the idea for your silent story was born?

This idea came to me two weeks before the 5th April when I had almost finished another story for this contest. However, one day, waiting at a bus stop to go to the city, I observed something which I found outstanding and revealing: while all the people, who were waiting for the bus, were checking their phones and looking bored, a little girl was playing with chewing gum stuck to the ground. For her, that chewing gum could have been her friend: she counted how may bits there were, gave them names, caressed them, laughed with them, until her mother scolded her and ordered her to be silent like everybody else. One minute later, she started playing again inside the bus. By observing that scene, so nice and touching but also meaningful, I knew that I had to change my story. That is when I  decided to make the imaginary world of that girl come true with my silent story ”Waiting”.

What's the story about?

What the adults do while waiting? They stare at walls, think about their problems, listen to music, check their phones… they get bored. They don’t pay attention to the little things that could be happening around them. However a little girl waiting at the bus stop with her father sees things very differently. For her the wait is not boring, but very much the contrary, it’s a world of fantasy and happiness. It’s a time where helicopters can suddenly appear and land in front of you, where crocodiles climb trees, where dragons soar through the skies, where cheetahs run free or ocean waves bring fish to say hello. When the bus arrives, the adults finally have smiles on their faces but on the other hand, the girl is sad to see all those new friends flying away. She must wait inside the bus again, and when the boredom and the silence of the adults begin once more, her imagination revives.

Why have you decided to enter the contest?

This can be a great opportunity for more of my work to be exposed and for people to get to know them. Also this contest is the only one I know where the text is discarded, turning the illustrations into the protagonists of the narration. All those winners of the previous editions have served me as an absolute inspiration for the ingenuity and originality and for that reason I would like to be part of this wonderful team, which enacts something as beautiful as drawing and its narrative value. 

Your story is dedicate to...

This story is dedicated to all children who, with their endless imagination, show adults that routine, tediousness and waiting can be positively transformed if seeing things differently, a different perspective where fantasy, colors and shapes play an important role. It is an ode to creativity, fun, happiness and life.


Violeta was born on a hot summer’s day on the 26th June 1997, in the small coastal town of Torre del Mar, near Malaga city, part of the Andalusian region. She had  the most wonderful upbringing among beautiful mountains filled with fairies and fantastic creatures. She was also very lucky to live 5 minutes away from the deep blue sea where she could find the most delicate mermaids and colorful marine animals.

When she got home after school, she would spend those hot afternoons immersing herself in many stories and adventures, all of them captured on sheets of paper so that they did not fall into oblivion.

Growing up she gradually moved away from all that magic and was drawn to the idea of becoming a nurse and help others in need. But as time passed by,  the memories of her magic land started to crawl back into her head and one day she plunged into those pages again, the pages she had created long ago, remembering how happy she felt. So one day she made the most important decision in her life: to switch degrees and do Fine Arts which was always her real vocation. She is now focusing on preparing herself to work professionally as a children illustrator for the younger market’s books and stories. She’s a finalist in a contest called ‘’Apila Primera Impresión 2021’’. She has participated in several exhibitions more related to her side as a painter and as a graphic designer.

What most inspires her works is having long walks on the beach and mountains and then capturing what she has observed in different ways – this could be with technology or with more traditional techniques, just like she did when she was a little girl.