IL NINJA INNAMORATO (NINJA LOVE) | Winner of the 2023 Edition

Why does a little ninja wander on the rooftops? Obviously because he’s trying to catch the moon he’s just fallen in love with!
A tender and funny story that tells us about feelings and the vital importance that a smile can have.

Like all the winners of the Silent Book Contest, “Il ninja innamorato” is published by Carthusia Edizioni.


Hello! I’m Ale Puro and I live in Vigevano, a small town in Northern Italy. Puro is not my real name, it’s the signature I’ve always used since I started painting on walls, and from that moment on all my friends call me that! And it’s exactly from the murals that my characters and their stories are born… I paint them on the streets so that everyone can see them. And from the walls some of my drawings ended up in paintings or books! I live with my wife Ilaria, who is an illustrator too, and my children Nina and Romeo: they are my greatest inspiration, and our days are full of drawings and creativity. I often organize art workshops in schools, and this gives me the opportunity to research and read many books that fascinate me and make me learn more and more! I love walking, and as I walk my head flies and I observe, take hints and I imagine: this is how my stories are born. Also, I’m not sure… but I think I’m drawing even when I’m sleeping!

Alessandro Stilla, also known as Ale Puro, is an Italian illustrator and street artist. His characters, defined by a simple and decisive stroke, live in a poetic and enchanted world. He has collaborated with various art galleries painting walls and exhibiting pictures in Italy and Europe. 

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The winner of the Silent Book Contest 2023 was officially announced during the Salone del Libro di Torino in May 2023. The published book was presented there for the first time during a dedicated event with the author and members of the International Jury.