The registration and submission of book projects must be carried out exclusively on-line.

1 – REGISTRATION: access to the website and then to the “Registration” section, fill in the registration form on-line with all the required data (insert an active and valid e-mail address), confirm that you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions. You will receive at the e-mail address you have entered a personal code and password to access to your personal area where you will be able to upload and send the PDF file of your project.

2 – SEND PDF FILE: access the personal area with the link you received via e-mail, enter your personal code and password, confirm and send the PDF file following the instructions. You can access your personal area at any time to replace your PDF file or insert additional projects (max 3 for each Author), until the registration deadline 15th February 2020 is closed. You can replace a PDF file only once.

3 – PAYMENT AND CONFIRMATION REGISTRATION: wait for confirmation of the upload the PDF file and proceed with payment of the registration fee by following the instructions. When the payments is accepted you will receive at your e-mail the enrollment confirmation.

The payment of the registration fee (Euro 50 for each project sent) must be made exclusively on-line with a credit card, prepaid card or Pay-Pal. Registration is confirmed exclusively and only after confirmation of payment of the registration fee. The cancellation of the sending and / or payment procedure automatically deletes any PDF file already sent. In this case, re-enter into your personal area and repeat the uploading of the PDF file and payment.

To send additional book projects (max 3 per Author), access your personal area and repeat the procedure to send and to pay for each project.


For each book project submitted in competition (max 3 per Author) a complete layout must be created in PDF digital format as specified in G and H of the Rules.

The dummy must be in a single digital file of maximum 10Mb and exclusively in high quality PDF format and must be named exclusively with the pseudonym chosen by the Author followed by the Title, as in the example: Pseudo-ProjectTitle.pdf


• When naming PDF files, do not leave spaces between the words, only use hyphens or underscores to separate the author’s pen name from the title and do not use numbers and special characters.

•The system does not accept PDF files larger than 10 Mb and files other than PDF format, ZIP files and other compressed formats.

• Do not send paper or original illustrations. The paper dummies and the original illustrations sent will not be returned.

• The deadline for registration and submission of PDF files is 15th February 2020.


See the FAQ for more information about the PDF file.