Star-Builders by Soojin Kwak is the Winner of the 6th Edition of the contest!

Everybody can read it because it knows no limits in terms of age, sex or language. It is for everyone.

A kid can read it alone, as well as an adult. At the same time a kid and an adult can read it together, side by side, enhancing precious growth and connection paths. It allows everyone to give his own interpretation and meanwhile it promotes dialogue. Each one of us can search and chose his own way to read it, and then switch to another one and another one.

It’s never simple nor trivial. Sometimes it deliberately loves ambiguity and riddle, but it always leads the ways to solve everything, if you want to. Then it asks you to reflect, to speculate. It challenges our cleverness. It is necessarily slow, it compels us to be focused on the page and to go back to it frequently. It is silent, but meanwhile it screams or yells, whispers or suggests, digresses or sings. It tells us a secret but it never shuts up. It promotes good, deep and real emotions letting the reader search the right key inside himself, starting from his own experience.

They are all very different but identical at the same time, they are linked to one another by a common lexicon and common rules. Although these rules should be searched because they are never explicit. As democracy, they have roots (a story and a memory) and wings (the future).

– Walter Fochesato, President of the Jury


We thank all the authors from Italy, England, China, Cyprus, USA, South Korea, Canada, Russia, Mexico, Holland, Spain, Croatia, Japan, France, Australia, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Israel, Cuba, Hungary, Brazil, Ukraine, Greece, Slovenia, Poland, Colombia, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Malta, Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Finland, Azerbaijan, Portugal, Estonia, Chile, Singapore have sent their projects for SBC2018, 5th Edition.

Finalist of the SBC2018 were presented and exhibited for the first time at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in March. During the Ceremony in Bologna jurors also gave a Special Prize to Zhang Leping, author of San Mao, the famous chinese comics without word. This year China was also the Special Guest at the Fair.

The Winner SBC 2018, Imagination by Anastasiia Suvorova, published by Carthusia Edizioni, was presented with the Author and the International Jury on the 26th of August 2018 in Montereggio Mulazzo (Italy) during the Books Festival. In the same days there was the SBC2018 Finalist exhibition.

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