Keung Chi Kit (Hong Kong)

How the idea for your silent story was born?

I love drawing, and I use my drawing skills to make money. Sometimes I have a feeling that I just drawn for living but forget what the real meaning is, when I saw my son drawing freely on paper, I start thinking, what is the true value for a painting? 

What's the story about?

 A blank painting born from the canvas making workshop was owned by a landscape painter, a graffiti-loving boy, a scavenger, an art merchant, and an art collector. Finally, it was fragmented and picked up by a passing little girl who cherished it and turned the painting into her own collection.

Why have you decided to enter the contest?

Silent book has no text restrictions, so that readers around the world can understand the story in it. I have always loved to draw wordless comics. This is the first time I try to create a wordless picture book and participate in an international competition, which is very challenging.


After winning the Comics New Talent Award by Rightman Comics in 1999, Keung started writing a number of humorous comics including Samba Family. Samba series was published in simplified Chinese and English in mainland China and Singapore respectively. In 2008, Keung won the 4th Golden Dragon Award – The Best Children Comics Award.

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