After the great success of the VIII edition of the Prize, the Silent Book Contest has restarted with its IX edition.

The organizing committee sees Carthusia Edizioni as the now consolidated organizer and leader of the SBC, flanked by important partners such as the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, the Turin International Book Fair, the Municipality of Mulazzo and the Montereggio Paese dei Librai Association, IOB International Organization of Book Towns, Centro per il Libro e la Lettura, and IBBY Italia, who shared this extraordinary journey with us again this year.

We are also pleased to announce that also for this edition of the SBC 2022, BPER Banca will remain among the supporting partners. And it is also thanks to the contribution of BPER that the Junior Silent Book Contest Award continues with the third edition, which in addition to the prize of the International Jury includes a Children’s Jury (with the confirmation of three/four classes from China) that will judge and decide their winner among the 13 finalist works this year.

Another confirmation is represented by the renewed media partnership with Rai Ragazzi and Rai Radio 3 for the events connected to the Silent Book Contest – Gianni De Conno Award: for all partners this is an important recognition of the work carried out in recent years, with passion and determination and to the results achieved.

The IX Edition of the Silent Book Contest – Gianni De Conno Award, which ended on February 20th 2022, had 250 unpublished works from 44 countries and different territories: Argentina, Belgium, Belarus, Brasil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Columbia, Croatia, Estonia, Philippines, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Japan, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Perù, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, UK, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sri Lanka, USA, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary.

A confirmation of great participation which testimony the importance of the cultural promotion work carried out in all these years by the Silent Book Contest among illustrators and operators in Italy and in the world. which has led to constant growth and diffusion.

The International Jury, chaired by Walter Fochesato (expert of children’s literature and history of illustration – Italy) and composed of Emanuela Bussolati (illustrator – Italy), Eros Miari (member of the editorial board of the Turin International Book Fair – Italy), Soojin Kwak (winner of the Silent Book Contest 2019 – South Korea), Elena Pasoli (director of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair – Italy), Sonja Riva (writer and journalist of CSR – Switzerland), Sara Wang (CEO of Sidee Cultural Communication – China), Javier Zabala (illustrator – Spain), Patrizia Zerbi (publisher of Carthusia Edizioni – Italy) has selected 13 unpublished finalist projects with the support of Costanza De Conno of the SBC Organizing Secretariat.

The 13 finalist projects are:

  • “Aport!” by Anna-Marie Kohutovà (Czech Republic)
  • “Beyond the stars” by Eya Mordyakova (Russia)
  • “Il fiume infinito” by Nadia Romero Marchesini (Argentina)
  • “Il ragazzo nel dipinto” by Dario Maximiliano Moreno (Argentina)
  • “Lost in porcelaind” by Katerina Illnerova (Czech Republic)
  • “Missing Leg” by Irene Frigo (Italy)
  • “My little human” by Anastasiia Temborska (Ukraine)
  • “Sireno” by Dina Perez (Argentina)
  • “Spark” by Yedda Chen (Taiwan)
  • “Teseo y el Minotauro” by Raphael Ampuero (Belgium)
  • “The Boat and Whale” by Meinn Yang (Taiwan)
  • “The last leaf” by Oleksandr Shatokhin (Ukraine)
  • “Unbreakable friends” by Marto Kelbl (Czech Republic)

 Carthusia, together with the partners Bologna Children’s Book Fair, the Turin International Book Fair, the Municipality of Mulazzo, the Montereggio Paese dei Librai Association, IOB International Organization of Book Towns, Centro per il Libro e la Lettura, IBBY Italia, BPER Banca, and the media partners Rai Ragazzi and Rai Radio 3 wish to thank all the 250 authors / illustrators who participated in this IX Edition of the Silent Book Contest 2022 – Gianni De Conno Award.


On 21st March 2022 at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, there was the presentation event of the 13 finalists of the contest with the participation of the jury and some partners of the competition, and the opening of the physical exhibition at the fair with all the finalists. By 25th March 2022, our Virtual Exhibition of the 13 finalists SBC 2022 will be active and visitable via link on the website and also accessible from the Carthusia website and partner’s websites.

 Lately, in mid-May, the Award Ceremony of the winning book of SBC 2022 will take place at the Turin International Book Fair in the “presence” of the Jury and the Author / Illustrator with the official delivery of the printed volume.

The next step will be the live exhibition of the 13 finalists, at the end of August in Montereggio di Mulazzo, in the deconsecrated church of Sant’Apollinare. The exhibition is organized by Carthusia Edizioni in collaboration with the Municipality of Mulazzo, and the presentation in the town square will see the participation by Patrizia Zerbi, publisher and editorial director of Carthusia, together with some members of the competition jury

 The winning book of the Junior 2022 section will be proclaimed in a dedicated event in December 2022 and published by Carthusia in January 2023 in its series dedicated to the competition, and all classes involved in the Jury will be given, thanks to the support of BPER Banca, all the titles of the “Silent Book” series already published, to start building a small class library dedicated to “silent books”.


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