Lara Kaminski (Germany)

How the idea for your silent story was born?

Drawing this in the cold winter months, I wanted to tell a story about empathy and friendship through these animal characters. Combined with my love for knitting, the story started to take shape.

What's the story about?

“The Winter Coat” is about two friends who realize to share their privilege of a warm red coat with the rest of the forest. They find a creative way of sharing it and even get something in return they didn’t expect.

Why have you decided to enter the contest?

We had a course at my university based on the Silent Book concept. I found the challenge to communicate solely through my illustrations very interesting and loved coming up with my own story.


Lara Kaminski is a 24-year-old illustrator from Hamburg, Germany. Growing up in the countryside near the Baltic Sea, she discovered her passion for drawing at a very young age. Studying illustration at HAW Hamburg since 2022, she has developed a special interest in children’s books. With nature being her biggest source of inspiration, she creates enchanting characters to tell heartfelt and magical stories.