Bi Li Ge (China)

How the idea for your silent story was born?

I have been working as a cartoonist for many years and actively engaging in various international cartoon contests and exhibitions worldwide. Throughout my artistic journey, I have explored diverse themes, and notably, I have made many cartoons with a focus on the relationship between nature and human beings, and the balance of nature.

Winter time, the Mongolian steppe is cold and long, and it feels like nature itself has drifted into slumber, but life secretly continues. After the fresh snowfall everything seems quiet. However, the animal footprints on the snow bring us a lot of imagination and transform the seemingly still landscape into a realm of mystery.

In 2018, I got an inspiration to create a cartoon associated with snow, animal footprints, and traditional patterns. Later, I got another idea of creating an artwork, associating felt rug patterns with footprints of sheep on the snow. However, my creative journey took an unexpected turn when I stumbled upon the concept of books without letters. When I stumbled upon the concept of books without letters, I decided to use the idea to create a no letters book. Eventually, I sketched the first version at the end of 2022 and decided to share my work and participate in the Silent Book Contest in 2023.

What's the story about?

Growing up in the countryside of Inner Mongolia, China, during the 1960s and 1970s, I cherished countless memorable moments with my family. My childhood experiences serve as the most profound inspiration for my artwork.

This particular story reflects the everyday existence of people in grassland, where nature, animals, and humans coexist harmoniously. It portrays a cohesive living dynamic, where the rhythms of nature intertwine seamlessly with our daily lives on the vast grasslands of my hometown.

The story follows a little boy, who on his way home sees footprints of different wild animals and livestock of the grassland. The combination of footprints evolves into the intricate pattern of a traditional felt rug. Crafted from the wool of sheep, often white and adorned with camel wool yarn, this rug becomes a symbolic pathway leading the boy to the warmth of his grandmother and the comfort of home.

I aim to share not only the treasured memories of my childhood but also to illuminate the timeless beauty of nature on the steppe and Gobi desert, where nature, animals, and human beings coexist in harmony.

Why have you decided to enter the contest?

Cartoons are one of the most important things in my life. Few years ago, I got interested in creating picture books and no letter books and I started to search for different books and materials. In 2022, I published a series of picture books with folk stories which also strengthened my resolve to dive deeper into the world of picture book creation.

Two years ago, I got to know that the Chinese committee of the Silent Book Contest is organizing Chinese cartoonists to participate in the Silent Book Contest in Italy. This was delightful news to me after wanting to create a picture book for many years myself. Before I finally decided to participate in the contest, I did a lot of research and enjoyed reading many of the former artists’ books who participated in the contest.

I love the idea of no letters books, which crosses the language barrier and brings the artist’s work to reach diverse audiences globally. I sincerely hope that children from various corners of the world will find joy in reading my book.


He works as an art teacher in the vocational college of Xilingol region in Inner Mongolia, China. Besides the work, he is also a cartoonist and an illustrator. For many years, he has been actively participating in various international cartoon contests and exhibitions worldwide where he got nominated and awarded many times.

He paints in different styles, including humor cartoons, comics, and illustration. Throughout his artistic journey, he has painted in different themes, such as nature, environmental protection, society, and everyday life etc.In recent years, besides his cartoonist career he got interested in creating picture books. He also published several of his picture books and cartoon books.

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