Qi Jiaona (China)

How the idea for your silent story was born?

When I was a child, I like summer nights very much, because summer nights have the wind, there are all kinds of insect calls, and adults who tell stories. They would talk about time and change, contradictions and forgiveness, and teach children various survival principles. I know that there may be some kind of danger hidden in the darkness, perhaps there may be legendary terrifying monsters. But the more afraid the more curious, I always have a curious heart, want to explore, to find everything I do not know. So, I decided to draw the feeling of this exploration, I will take my beloved rolling lanterns to explore together, to know new things, to make more good friends.

What's the story about?

The story is about a mysterious night, an ancient beautiful rolling lamp was lit, the magic of the flame in the lantern beating like a heart, no matter how rolling will not be extinguished. In this dark night, gentle light to resolve one contradiction and crisis after another. In the light of the call, we became friends, along with the light in the dark adventure. It’s the light of discovery, and curiosity is a shared instinct between humans and animals, and we wonder what else is out there in the world besides ourselves? Let us find and embrace friends, to explore and discover, experience the process of happiness and satisfaction.

Why have you decided to enter the contest?

I think this is a very good opportunity, this is a bigger stage, a chance to communicate with friends around the world with pictures. I like “no word book”, it is like a riddle, with a picture let you guess what I have to say. It can be more than a story, and It is uncertain that there is only one outcome. That’s the beauty of the no-word book. My story hero, can be a person, or is a lanterns, or a moth, different angle can describe a different story, I think I can get through the no-word book unexpected harvest.


She’s a chinese professional illustrator born in 1981. She’s good at flower and bird painting and character comic. She was exhibited many times in large national exhibition in China and her cartoon often published in the People’s Daily or Liberation Daily. She is now part of the Xuzhou calligrapher’s association. In 2019 she participated in the 6th Silk Road International Art Invitational Exhibition; in 2022 she participated in the “Olympic and Spring Festival” artist creation activity of the China Media Group Shanghai Station of the Beijing Winter Olympics.